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17th Nov, 2003 - Berry Bounces Back
Halle Berry has won an Oscar. She's considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has a movie coming out this week -- and a big role as Catwoman next year.
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17th Nov, 2003 - Halle Berry Gets Physical in Gothika
Halle Berry is put through the wringer in the spooky thriller, "Gothika." Berry stars as Dr. Miranda Grey, a well-respected criminal psychologist who suddenly finds herself committed to the mental hospital she works in ...
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13th Nov, 2003 - Solo Berry Just Keeps Purring Along
A new love has found Halle Berry, and he's showering the 37-year-old Oscar winner with all the unconditional warmth and devotion she'd hoped for in marriage.
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5th Nov, 2003 - Halle Berry Talks Gothika and Catwoman
Halle Berry discusses the physical and emotional strains of "Gothika" and previews the upcoming "Catwoman."
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3rd Nov, 2003 - Halle Says Enough Already to Chicks of Steel Roles
Halle Berry says she's just a woman -- not a gallery of superwomen. Berry, who is currently shooting Catwoman in Vancouver, says she made certain her contract did not involve sequels.
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News stories taken from a variety of sources including Rotten Tomatoes.

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