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25th Nov, 2002 - Saving the World With Bond May Be Just the Start for Berry
OK, it may not win her a second Oscar, but Halle Berry wants everyone to know she did some homework on her first post-Academy Award role: playing opposite James Bond as his true opposite ...
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25th Nov, 2002 - 007 "Dies" Hard at Box Office
Moviegoers made James Bond's Day this weekend. "Die Another Day" lived up to expectations, notching an estimated $47 million to easily top the box office and scoring the best-ever opening in the 40-year 007 ...
[ source ]
22nd Nov, 2002 - How James Bond Met His Match
As sexy superspy Jinx, Halle Berry slinks her way next to Hollywood's most durable agent in "Die Another Day."
[ source ]
22nd Nov, 2002 - Halle Berry Not Taken by Storm in Next X-Men 2 -- Won't Do Third
With cast members such as Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman reprising their roles, Berry says she's under no contractual obligation to come back to the "X-Men" this time if they decide to ...
[ source ]
21st Nov, 2002 - Move Over 007, Halle's Jinx Is It
After 40 years, 20 movies and earning $3.2 billion at the box office, a middle-aged James Bond finally may have met his match in "Die Another Day," debuting Friday.
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20th Nov, 2002 - Halle's Death-defying Acting
"Die Another Day" is not just the name of Halle Berry's new Bond movie. It's the philosophy she lives by.
[ source ]
19th Nov, 2002 - Critics Fume Over Smoking Bond
Never say never again, James Bond -- especially when it comes to your nicotine habit.
[ source ]
18th Nov, 2002 - Sexy And Strong
A sexy but empowered "Bond girl" Halle Berry welcomed the chance to play it smart opposite Brosnan's 007.
[ source ]
18th Nov, 2002 - James Bond Resumes Smoking After 13-Year Break
After 13 years without a smoke, world famous secret agent James Bond has started puffing again, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported.
[ source ]
18th Nov, 2002 - For MGM, Die Another Day Is More Than a Movie
In March, when film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. unveiled the title of its new James Bond movie, "Die Another Day," which debuts next week, it had no idea how fortuitous the name would be -- ...
[ source ]
14th Nov, 2002 - A Premiere to Die For
When MGM wants to let loose, the studio still manages a mighty roar. At least that was the message Monday at its 3,000-guest Shrine Auditorium mega-screening for "Die Another Day."
[ source ]
13th Nov, 2002 - Rated X2
Alan Cumming on his dramatic "X-Men" makeover. After four hours in makeup, he's ready to chat up a Storm.
[ source ]
11th Nov, 2002 - Bond Girl Power
Halle Berry plans the first Bond girl spin-off ever -- The Oscar winner says she's ready for a secret agent series of her own.
[ source ]
6th Nov, 2002 - Documentary Looks at 007's Bond Girls
Ever wonder what happened to Honey Ryder, Holly Goodhead and the never-to-be-forgotten Pussy Galore from 1964 James Bond movie classic, "Goldfinger"?
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News stories taken from a variety of sources including Rotten Tomatoes.

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