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15th Jun, 2001 - Enter The Danger Room
X-Men swept the board at this year’s Saturn awards in the States, taking home six awards including best sci-fi film. While basking in the glory of success, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner shed a ...
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11th Jun, 2001 - Travolta Moves Fast, Drives Hard in Swordfish
John Travolta breaks enough laws in the new movie Swordfish to merit a fistful of indictments. But that doesn't necessarily mean he plays a bad guy. He and his co-stars inhabit a murky world ...
[ source ]
11th Jun, 2001 - Look Who's Stealing Now
John Travolta is no stranger to the press machine. In a climate where some stars only pick and choose the films they’re going to promote, Travolta has always given every film his all.
[ source ]
8th Jun, 2001 - X-Men Star Hugh Jackman Is at the Crest of a Down Under Wave
New York's trendy Tribeca Grille was the last place that Hugh Jackman expected to encounter an X-Men fanatic. But there the actor was enjoying a quiet dinner with his wife when, out of the ...
[ source ]
7th Jun, 2001 - Commando Performance
Why Halle Berry went topless in Swordfish -- Producer Joel Silver says bullets and bare breasts mean big box office.
[ source ]
7th Jun, 2001 - Travolta's Not Worried
By now, it's a bittersweet funny thing, this talk of John Travolta as the king of Hollywood comebacks.
[ source ]
6th Jun, 2001 - Interview With Halle Berry
After baring her breasts in Swordfish, Halle Berry finally knows for sure what her two biggest achievements are.
[ source ]
6th Jun, 2001 - Travolta Earns About $20 Million for Role in New High-Tech Thriller
F. Scott Fitzgerald once declared that there were no second acts in American lives. One wonders what he would have made of one former Sweathog.
[ source ]
5th Jun, 2001 - John Travolta's Guardian Angel
Though John Travolta has faced some high highs and lousy lows since Pulp Fiction revitalized his career -- Battlefield Earth and Lucky Numbers were particularly rotten rolls of the dice -- the 47-year-old screen ...
[ source ]
5th Jun, 2001 - Interview With John Travolta
Face it. Much like his battle with the bulge, Travolta's career has had its share of ups and downs.
[ source ]
4th Jun, 2001 - Berry Denies Extra Pay to Bare Breasts
Contrary to rumours, Halle Berry claims she did not get paid $500,000 to bare her breasts for a poolside scene in the new John Travolta thriller Swordfish.
[ source ]
4th Jun, 2001 - From Hero to Villain
John Travolta prides himself in being a man for all seasons. Few actors of his stature can slip as easily into playing both villains and heroes.
[ source ]
4th Jun, 2001 - Hugh "Addicted" to New Son
Hugh Jackman, who plays the computer hacker in Swordfish, discovered he and John Travolta have something in common.
[ source ]
4th Jun, 2001 - Hugh Jackman: The Naked Truth
Australian-born actor Hugh Jackman is a big fan of his X-Men co-star Halle Berry -- and not just because she goes topless in their new action-thriller, Swordfish.
[ source ]
1st Jun, 2001 - Halle Berry Goes Topless
While plenty of actresses consent to bare all for a shot at big-screen success, Halle Berry has never been one of them.
[ source ]

News stories taken from a variety of sources including Rotten Tomatoes.

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